Also known as the “Coca Cola Route” or “Tourist Route” as it is the most popular route on the mountain and also the easiest.  The accommodation on the way up and down is provided in mountain huts with all the basic necessities. There are 60 bunk beds each (for 60 people each) at Mandara Hut (2750m) and Kibo Hut (4725m), and 120 bunk beds (for 120 people) at Horombo Hut (3807m) which is also used for descent. Climbers are supplied with mattresses and pillows but sleeping bags should be brought along. There are communal dining halls, washrooms and toilets. It usually takes 5 days/4nights for the round trip. The trek can also be taken in 6 days/5 night or 5 days/ 4-night days nights to add acclimatization with an extra day at Horombo Hut.

ELEVATION: 1200 m to 1,750 m to 2,750 m
HABITAT (ZONE): Montane Forest

Meet in Arusha, after breakfast, departs with lunch box from a hotel to Marangu Gate. After completing gate registration, begin your Kilimanjaro trek. Walk along a narrow trail through the rainforest of Mount Kilimanjaro, have lunch on the halfway point. After lunch continue walking through the rainforest until reaching Mandara Hut. Relax for the rest of the day or take a short walk to Maundi Crater for acclimatization. The views to the east over Taveta and to the northwest to Mawenzi Peak are stunning on a clear day. Spend the night in Mandara Huts.

ELEVATION: 2,750 m to 3,807 m
CLIMBING TIME: 5-6 hours
HABITAT (ZONE): Moorlands

After breakfast, leave with lunch box to Mandara Hut, most of the day's hike will be through Kilimanjaro's moorland, a rocky landscape with desert-like plants.  Take lunch at Kambi ya Taabu picnic before continuing to Horombo Hut. If the weather is clear, enjoy beautiful views of Mawenzi and Kibo peaks. Arrive at Horombo Hut for dinner and overnight.

Elevation Gain and Loss: 793 m

(This day is omitted if choosing a 5 day itinerary).

 Is an acclimatization day, we will hike to Mawenzi Ridge or Zebra Rock to have your body regulate to higher altitudes. This will allow maximum acclimatization. The hike will increase your chances of reaching Uhuru Peak, and also reward you with magnificent views of Kibo. Return to Horombo for lunch, resting then dinner and overnight.

ELEVATION: 3807m to 4725m
CLIMBING TIME: 5-6 hours
HABITAT (ZONE): Alpine Desert

After breakfast, leave Horombo Hut with lunch box, hike through the moorland and alpine desert of Kilimanjaro's upper altitudes. After hiking for about an hour arrive at Maua River, a small mountain stream. After Maua, the terrain becomes flatter and the vegetation begins to disappear. Break for lunch at Middle Red Hill. Continue ascent reach Kibo saddle a great desert between the two peaks Mawenzi and Kibo. Have an early dinner and sleep early at Kibo Hut also preparation for midnight climb.

ELEVATION: 4,695 m to 5,895 m to 3,690 m 
DISTANCE: 4 km up, 14 km down 
HABITAT (ZONE): Alpine Desert. 

Wake at midnight to a light breakfast then prepare for your summit ascent. Because you will climb to the summit in the dark you will need to have your headlamps / flashlights. It will also be very cold until you start descending, so you will need to have all of your warm layers. This is an important time to keep on slowly slowly (pole pole in Swahili). The goal is to climb before dawn so that you can reach Uhuru Peak shortly before or after sunrise. Switchback up steep scree or possibly snow, and reach Gilman’s Point on the crater rim at 5,861 m/18,640 ft between 4 and 6 am. At this point, you will have views of the fabled crater and its icecaps facing you. Then after 2 hours of hiking along the Kibo crater rim near the celebrated snows takes you to Kilimanjaro’s true summit, Uhuru Peak here you will spend some times for taking photo’s.

After your summit photos and taking in the view, descend back to the Kibo Huts, have lunch, rest, collect your equipment and continue down through re-cross the saddle to the Horombo Huts. Have dinner and overnight at Horombo Camp.

ELEVATION: 3,690 m to 1,830 m to 1,387 m

After a long sleep you will be awaked for breakfast, continue your descent through the moorland to Mandara Huts. Here you will have lunch then proceed with your conquering down through lush forest to Marangu gate. After the gate sign out, have a hot lunch, then drive to a hotel for certificate, presentation and commemoration.

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