The Lemosho Route Approaches Mount Kilimanjaro from the west and descent is down Mweka in the south-east.  Is perhaps the least used initial ascent route on Kilimanjaro, partly because of its remote location and likewise the difficult roads leading to the trailhead. The road to the trailhead is only accessible by 4-wheel drive vehicles and can be impassable during wet periods. The trailhead is at relatively high elevation and thus we start slow and easy on this route. Though considered a difficult route, the added days on the lower slopes of the mountain make this the best route for altitude acclimatization. Buffalo, Elephant, Black and White Colobas Monkey sightings are possible on the first day trekking through the forest, and the trail is often overgrown from lack of use. Lemosho is considered the most varied and the most beautiful because it begins in the rainforest and many changes of scenery and spectacular hike across the Shira Plateau make this trek truly special. Then combines with the Machame route to share its viewpoints around the southern circuit and has low traffic until it combines with Machame

The route is the longest distance to trek up Kilimanjaro, so fitness certainly plays a role in the enjoyment and success of this trek. The Lemosho route takes 8 days / 7 nights or 7 days / 6 nights on the mountain. Overall, the distance covered and the intensity of the final few days make this trek a good choice only for the experienced hiker. There are no huts on this route, the accommodation is mountain tents.

ELEVATION: 1,400 m to 1,950 m to 2,850 m
CLIMBING TIME: 3-4 hours
HABITAT (ZONE): Montane Forest

Meet in Arusha, after breakfast departs with lunch box from your hotel to Londorossi gate, on the way will stop to the forest Authority to pay fee. But park fees paid and luggage weighed at Londorosso gate. You will come back on the car to proceed ascending to the gate. Upon arrival at trailhead, eat lunch, and then begin through undisturbed forest. About 3-4 hours of trekking at Big Tree Camp (Mti Mkubwa) for dinner and overnight.

ELEVATION: 2850m to 3500m
HABITAT (ZONE): Moorland and heather land

After breakfast, begin ascend with lunch box to Shira one campsite. This is an acclimatization trek because you will gain over 650m by starting walking across a beautiful valley outside Shira caldera rim (3600m). After few hours you will reach into Shira caldera. A high altitude desert, Shira is the one among the three peaks which erupted in Kilimanjaro ecosystem. The peak ltaer collapsed and formed a crater which eventually became filled with the lava flow from Kibo peak. Its rim is eroded and blasted away by weather and volcanic action, dinner and overnight elevation at the Shira one campsite.

ELEVATION: 3500m to 3800m
CLIMBING TIME: 5-6 hours
HABITAT (ZONE): Moorland and rocky

After breakfast, begin ascend with lunch box to Shira two campsite. This day you will trek to east across Shira plateau visiting (Cathedral peak 3850m) for acclimatization. Reaching at this peak you will find spectacular views of Mount Meru and Kibo Peak. Then continue trekking to Shira two campsite where we will stay for dinner and overnight place.

ELEVATION: 3800m to 3950m
CLIMBING TIME: 7-8 hours
HABITAT (ZONE): Moorland

After early breakfast will continue ascending east to a junction leading to Lava tower rock (4600m) where will get short break for lunch and acclimatization then you will continue to Barranco hut camp for supper and overnight, although this is long but important for acclimatization.

ELEVATION: 3950m to 3900m
CLIMBUNG TIME: 4-5 hours
HABITAT (ZONE): Moorland 

Today is short day walk. In the morning you will start climbing Barranco wall and reach 4200m for acclimatization and continue crossing ridges and valleys to Karanga campsite for a hot lunch.

After lunch you will have a bit of rest and get another acclimatization of ascending up the scree slopes towards the Southern ice field then after you will return to the camp for supper and overnight. (This day is omitted if choosing a 7 day itinerary; you will take lunch at Karanga Camp and ascend to Barafu Campsite).

ELEVATION: 3900m to 4620m.
CLIMBING TIME: 3-4 hours.
HABITAT (ZONE): Alpine Desert.

Today is tough day because of the steepness and harsh weather but is short distance which need slowly walk so to avoid tiredness. The walk take few hours and you will completely walk across a alpine desert with strong and cold winds blows from the ever closer Kibo peak and its ice, to Barafu Hut where you will enjoy a hot lunch.  You will have an early dinner at 1700hrs then rest until midnight when we you commence your push for the summit.

ELEVATION: 4620m to 5895m to 3100m
CLIMBING TIME: 10 to 12 hours
HABITAT (ZONE): Desert and ice.

Wake at midnight to a light breakfast and then prepare for your summit ascent. The goal is to climb before dawn so that you can reach Uhuru Peak shortly before or after sunrise. Leave to the peak at 12; 00AM, switchback up steep scree or possibly snow, and reach Stella Point on the crater rim at 5,861 m/18,640 ft between 4 and 5 AM. At this point you will be having the views of the fabled crater and its icecaps facing you. Then after 1 hour of hiking along the Kibo crater rim near the celebrated snows takes you to Kilimanjaro true summit, Uhuru Peak here you will spend some times for taking photo’s.

After your summit activities done, you will descend back to the Barafu Huts campsite, for lunch, rest, collect your belongings, and continue down through moorland and heath zone to Mweka Huts campsite. Dinner and overnight at Mweka hut campsite.

ELEVATION: 3100m to 1700m
HABITAT ( ZONE): Montane forest.

After breakfast, today is your last day on the mountain so you will descend down to Mweka park gate walking across Montane forest this descent will take 3-4 hours. At the gate you will sign out, have a hot lunch then drive to a hotel in Arusha for certificate, presentation and commemoration.

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