Mountain trekking is one of the extraordinary experiences in Tanzania; the special and attractive mountains inspiring destination within clients reach. In general African Beyond Tours, offered Mount Kilimanjaro also known as “The Roof of Africa” is the highest mountain in Africa (5895 meters). Also is the highest free standing mountain in the world. Despite its height Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the world’s most accessible high summits, with most climbers reaching the peak (Uhuru Peak) with proper gear and determination people travel from all over the world to conquer her. The next is Mount Meru (4,566 meters) is the second highest mountain in Tanzania and the fifth highest mountain in Africa this active volcano erupted only 100 years ago and it is an exciting mountain to climb.

Also The Eastern Arc Mountains (including Udzungwa mountain national park and Usambara Mountain) which run parallel to the Tanzanian coast extending into Taita Hills in Kenya, and recognized as one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots.

This exceptional diversity attracts naturalists and nature lovers from all over the world who come to watch birds, study trees and flowers or butterflies. The mountains boast of over 3000 plant species in total and over 600 tree species.  And Mount Oldonyo Lengai (2890 meters) or ‘Mountain of God’ in Maasai Tribe is the only active volcanic mountain in the East African Rift Valley Region major explosive eruptions have been recorded since 2007. We designed good itinerary for trekking according to our client’s interest.

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