Community Sharing:

African Beyond Tours, giving out benefits realized from our tour operations with the Tanzania community. We are born and raised in Tanzania is our responsibility to contribute to the well being of our community which we are part of. We kindly support community in our own small ways towards education, healthcare, entrepreneurship, clean drinking water and community conservation.

Education Support


Wildlife conservation must fully involve local communities as an integral part of wildlife conservation. Local communities must fully participate in wildlife conservation. But now days local communities are in crossroad on the issue of conservation because most vulnerable life they are living. You can not tell them on issues of conservation while their empty in the stomach. We do not mean to feed them but we mean that, to share with them basic services or needs including Health support, Education, Clean drinking water and conservation entrepreneurship. We are the current generation, required to benefits on Wildlife without compromise the future generation benefits, more efforts needed for community conservation.

African Beyond Tours invite our beloved clients to volunteer in supporting our fellows local community who are very important on wildlife conservation and are primary stakeholders in issue of wildlife management, apart from that, no way to left them behind for the good future of wildlife conservation.

We arrange good schedule for volunteers who want to join us in community giving and social services support, normally itinerary designed for client’s interest.

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